Our Story

Let’s Change How We Manage Business

Our Story

At Zeno Limited, we understand that success is not just about technical expertise and business acumen but also about building meaningful relationships based on shared values. Our journey began 17 years ago when a group of close friends came together with a vision to create a workspace where they could work on meaningful projects in their own way. With steady and brave efforts, we secured our first clients, earned our first cash, and built a company rooted in personal and humble attitudes, devotion, honesty, and open communication.

Our founders invested all their hearts and technical knowledge to create a company that attracts world-class professionals with genuine human values. We’re proud to say that today, our team consists of over 200 skilled and motivated individuals who work in perfect sync to deliver outstanding software solutions and services.

Exceeding expectations

We don’t settle for “good enough”. Our engineers aren’t just university-educated; they often teach university courses themselves. We don’t just write software; we bring domain expertise to our projects. We don’t just go about our jobs; we consistently master new skills and share them with each other in designated internal clubs. We go above and beyond in everything we do. 


There’s a culture of honesty and transparency as they go hand in hand with quality. We communicate openly with our partners and consistently provide insights for the project’s success. 

Meaningful work

We build strong connections with clients and each other, and we deliver. It’s why we pick meaningful projects and invest in long-term partnerships. It’s also why we choose to call our clients ‘partners’. We care about what we do, and it shows. 

Make it happen

We make sure to solve problems, not create them. That’s why we strive to acquire fresh knowledge and optimise the software development process – from ideation to testing. A can-do attitude and being proactive are crucial when it comes to saving our partners’ time and resources.


A genuine connection is vital for effective teamwork. Dreamix fosters a people-centric culture that allows us to love our jobs, stay motivated and help each other grow. We form strong bonds with each other and our partners and deliver solutions way beyond body leasing. 


We believe being honest and trustworthy are at the heart of our business. Our clients feel genuine collaboration because they know they can trust that our goal is the betterment and success of their business.

Our Team

Dastani Ferdinandi


Moris Mshyota

Managing Director

Janet Fredinandi

Data Analyst

William Bundala

Software Developer

Maria Nyalusi

IT Recruitment

Daniel Laurance

Creative Designer

Let’s Build Something Together